First inlay, acrylic

Tackled inlay for the first time today. I’d been a little intimidated by the process, mostly because of the inability to accurately specify path offset for a complete object in inkscape. Only took two tests using dynamic offset and the on-screen path thickness as a guide - specified to match the kerf and zooming in for offset adjustments.

Pleased with the results, the only minor snafu was the smallest pieces on the red (the two top parts) were not as snug as everything else. The entire piece (except those two parts) was a nice press fit, but as I was using Weldon anyway, I didn’t bother re-making those parts a little larger. Roughly 2" square without loop, PG frosted clear, black and red acrylic.

(This is the logo for her local Overwatch team, Atlanta Reign.)

Had made simple pendants for a concert by one of our favorite bands a year ago, now I’ll have to step up my game for Disturbed in two weeks!


Great job! Three colors press fit for the win.


Nice job, I can’t believe this is your first one! And yeah, the thinner pieces get hotter and have a bigger kerf. It’s a real pain.


You did such a nice job! It looks great!


Ooooo, super nice!