First line on a square is highly distinct than the rest


I use GlowForge for scientific endeavors. The equipment has a plethora of undisclosed information regarding processing conditions, which I only discovered when started using. Although I understand the company black box politics to protect its PI, this has been a huge headache for me (and a few other scientists I saw in the forum).

Now, done with the whining, would any of you know why the first engraving line of a square is highly distinct then the rest? If I would guess, I would say that the first line pass happens at a much smaller power. This leads to a lot of issues, because I simply cannot circumvent this automatic power adjustment feature… Has anyone ever faced and overcame this issue before? Thank you!

I have never experienced what you describe. Could you share a photo of the square that illustrates what you are describing? How have you tested your hypothesis beyond observation?
What happens, for example, if your first engrave is a circle? Is the first part of the circle different than the latter part?


I’ve never seen any engravings doing a different line thing - how are you generating the artwork?

I have not seen anything darker. However, I have seen when horizontal lines in the design are half a degree off of horizontal. This will cause the first line of the engraving to only be part of the whole width and perhaps the second line go all the way. Also the fan will blow the soot (and hot air) towards the front where it will darken that front with extra soot that can be wiped away.
Rarely depending on the wood species and depth of the engraving it might even burn the wall it is blowing that hot air to.

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