First Passtrough project - bunk bed decoration



I finally had the courage to try out the passthrough slot.

It’s my daughter’s birthday this week, and I decided to make a bunk bed for her room. Of course, being who I am, I can’t just make a simple bed. I had to add some decorations to it.

I used the passthrough to make a panel that fits at the top of the bed with some animals on it.

I did not draw those animals. I found them on iStock:

I had to do a lot of work to clean the vector up, and to cut the file up into separate chunks that I could use with the passthrough. I also figured out a way to draw registration marks on the piece so I could line up the next cut.

It’s all cut out of the same piece of Baltic Birch plywood I bought locally. I cut all the animals out, then stained, sanded and varnished each piece separately. I then glued them all onto a backer piece of plywood, and added a second coat of varnish.

She’s really happy with the outcome, and her new bed. And now, I’m much more comfortable with the passthrough.

Pro question

Very nice! It turned out really well. Your finishing job is awesome.


Way to go, dad! I bet she will always remember how you invested yourself in a project that made her happy and which reminds her every day that she is special.


Excellent! I’m confused a little. You cut the animals out of one long piece, then after finishing, placed them back into the cutouts and put a back board on it?


That’s exactly what I did.

My mom questioned why I cut them all out, and then glued them all back in.
She asked if I could have just scored all the lines instead (she did not use the word “score”, but that’s essentially her question).

Having the parts cut out makes it a lot easier to stain the individual pieces different colors.


Thanks! Makes sense, I can see with that wonderful detail in the animals it would be so much easier to finish them. And then they have a perfect fit back in the negative space of the board. The backer board is the perfect finish to ensure a smooth side on the bed interior. Great work again!


Fantastic work as usual! (Always wanted a bunk bed setup in the room I shared with my sister growing up, but we had twins. Guess they were easier to make that way, but definitely less cool factor.) :grinning:


So, cut and paste, rather than copy and paste ?

  1. Fabulous.
  2. Excellent.
  3. Wow! That is awesome.
  4. Should have gone with sleeping animals. Just sayin’.


This way they can guard against monsters coming out of the closet though :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure, that is always a good thing.

“Now go to sleep.”
“But Mrs. Bear and Mr. Bunny are still awake, mommmmy.”


It’s beautiful. Clean and simple, while still being rich in detail. No doubt she’s thrilled.


So incredibly beautiful and fitting tribute for Father’s Day as well. 45 yrs ago my own father made me a spectacular bunk bed and when I think about the work and love he put into that bed, I still tear up. You have given your daughter a gift she’ll never forget. :hearts:


Gosh, that is just adorable! You did such a nice job on it, as always. Of course, now you need to decorate the rest of the room to match (picture frames, shelving units, toy storage boxes, lamps, etc. etc.).


The cutest bed I’ve ever seen! Very amazing job!


Fan-friggin-tastic!!! That came out so awesomely beautiful with all the different colors!!! The vector animals you chose are very cute too!!!


I wish I could add additional likes!! Wow, fantastic!!


You never fail to amaze me! This is so wonderful on so many counts. I have just the basic, which suits me to a T, but it’s great fun to read about folks that have the passthrough… to hear their thoughts about it not to even mention see the fantastic things they make. The bed is beautiful and the animals are perfectly perfect. She’s such a lucky young girl to have such a great dad.


That’s awesome…


That is some sweet work right there! Well Done!