First Print won't happen

My glowforge will not print. I followed the steps and nothing happens. I am getting so frustrated.

I think the last step before first printing there is something on the right hand side of the screen you need to click on and accept. Might need to scroll down or adjust your screen scaling to be able to see it.

I have a Mac computer and it only will scroll down so far

Where is the click on and accept? I don’t see it anywhere

Usually shows up after you press the print button on the top right of the dashboard. A section will appear below it with the information.

No nothing

Maybe try a different browser or clearing the cache? If pressing the print button does nothing maybe those could be the issue. If not you may have to wait for the support staff to get here, im not sure what else to check.

I am on windows. My Mac won’t work either. The WiFi is working just fine. Glow gorge connects right up. I am just stumped as to what it is.

Did you click the white button just to the left of the Print text?

I also see that your mouse shows a waiting indication. This may be a symptom of a WiFi issue between the Glowforge and the internet. You may want to try setting up the Glowforge using your phone as a WiFi hotspot if you can’t resolve it otherwise. This will eliminate your home WiFi network as a potential cause of the issue.

Ok I can try my tablet. It has a mobile hot spot.

Hello! @menifeeprinters I am very sorry to hear you are having trouble with your first print. I will do my best to get this issue resolved for you.

I am trying to figure at what point it’s not working for you. After loading the design is it allowing you to hit the print button in the top right?

Once that happens, You have to physically go over to the Glowforge printer and hit the Glowing button on the unit itself. Otherwise, Let me know at what point you’re getting held up. Thank you.

I do hit the print button on the glowforge and nothing happens

I load the material then the design. I click the print button on the app and it will go through the process of preparing to print. The light on the glowforge blink and I push the button and nothing happens

What is that horizontal dotted line running across the top of the GFUI screen?

I have no idea. I just set up the glowforge

I would try closing the app and reopening in a different browser. Then open a blank design, then reopen the Gift of Good Measure. Choose your material and the operations and see if the print button still refuses to work.

Tried that already. Used my Mac then when to windows. Still Nothing.

Is the dotted line in the file when you reopen it after opening a different file?

That was there when I opened it last night. I tried multiple times today no dotted line. On my tablet now. Still nothing and no dotted line

Now the time of 2:12 is showing. Is the button blinking on the machine?