First project an edge lit acrylic sign


Technically my first project was the Founder’s Ruler, but this was the first thing I designed and made. Used Illustrator to make an etching in acrylic of my company’s logo, then designed and cut a bunch of pieces of hardwood to form a stand which could hold the acrylic in place over some old led strip I had lying around. Came out pretty good and I learned a lot.


Excellent job!!

I think many if us have “problems” like this.?? Lol


Nice! Can we get a shot of it lit up?


That turned out fantastic! I had to work up to acrylic! :grinning:


A little video of it lit and changing colors


Came out great! I like the nicely rounded corners–a sign of quality.


Nicely done!


That’s great! What a sharp engrave! Great job on the box as well! I keep using the pre-made LED bases because I’ve been too lazy to make a box. So much classier your way! :slight_smile:


Nice job! Nothing like a first project done all on your own!


man, if that’s your first job, can’t wait to see what you do once you get rolling :grinning:


Nice work. :slight_smile:
I like the rounded corners and the whole thing looks great!


Welcome - this came out great! Can’t wait to see what you make next. I noticed the labels in the background of the picture and wonder how they would look in veneer… :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m working my way through the proofgrade and other materials with little experiments to see how they work. Here’s a quick Gravity Falls icon I made for my daughter complete with stand from the plywood. Engrave looks great but the alignment was a little off as I did the cut first and didn’t compensate for it’s placement on the bed. She loves it!


Fun! She might want a necklace as well. :slight_smile:


That’s a fantastic idea. She’s been tripping over herself with ideas since we saw the Glowforges in action at Maker Faire this year.