First run report

We ordered, and then we waited. And waited. And waited more. And then waited so long the word “waited” looked really weird. Long after we forgot what we were waiting for, a big box showed up and then (after waiting another week for the extra ventilation stuff) WE BURNED. So here’s how it went!

First thing, bring up the holy Founder’s Ruler. I put a slab of the PG maple y’all so kindly sent, right in the middle of the bed, and…


No QR magic. :frowning: Glare from the LEDs, I’m guessing? I moved the wood so the sticker was in the middle and it read it successfully. I started the burn then turned on our secondary blower and everything went off without a hitch. I have the ‘Forge on a roller cart I can roll out the door to our back stairwell to the roof, connect to the provided 8’ vent hose into a 190 CFM fan followed by another 20’ of hose. I didn’t smell any smoke in the stairwell or in the office and nobody came up to complain about the noise. Whew!

Not at all familiar with the GFUI workflow, the next thing I did was delete the ruler from the project and upload a new design to try out. Because this is where you make the laser happen, right? When I went back to make another ruler I realized I’d nuked it and AFAICT there’s currently no easy way to get it back. :sob:

I spent the rest of the afternoon messing around, learning a lot of stuff but mostly learning that I need to learn a lot more. The only definite bug I ran into…

has to go into another post because I can only do one image at a time. (cont…)


The only definite bug I ran into was this, where no matter what I uploaded or where I put it it said I didn’t have artwork in the print area:

I logged out and back in again and then it worked as expected. (It didn’t occur to me to leave the design and go back in because I hadn’t yet figured that whole thing out…)

So there’s my report, hope it’s useful! I have a billion more questions, but I’ll first try and figure out the right place to put them. Thank you for finally shipping, and congratulations!

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So I think few have been reporting a bug that was introduced on the Add Artwork button from within the print screen.

The catalog designs have a reset print option but it hasn’t yet been implemented on the freebie designs. Support will have to chime in and push you a new one/reset it.

They introduced autosave not long ago. So every step you take automatically updates and saves the file. That way your positioning is always saved, etc. As are deleted components.

The best practice on this is starting new designs from the home screen.



The forum is invaluable for getting help. :+1:

In the design program of your choice, if you use different colors they will be designated separate operations on the left side bar, and you can assign different settings to each or ignore them in the operation. Also, if there is any part or component that you don’t want to print, you can just drag it off the bed and it will be ignored.
Since the design settings are saved now, we have had to learn not to delete.

This! ^^


I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your Glowforge!

If your Proofgrade material is not automatically detected due to glare, you can click “Unknown” and select the material from the material selection pane

Regarding the “No Artwork” issue, I’ve passed this on to the team and we’re looking into it now. I’ll update this thread when I have more information

Thanks for letting us know about the Founder’s Ruler - I’ve resent that design to your account. Could you please let me know if you have any problems opening the design now?


Nope, It’s still empty when I bring it up. :frowning: Is the problem that it already existed in my design library? Unfortunately, it won’t let me delete the design, but I renamed it if you want to try sending it again.

Many thanks for the help!

The design we sent you should have been a new copy. Can you check your list of designs on the Dashboard and see if you have a copy of the Founder’s Ruler that includes the design? If not, just let me know and I’ll get you a fresh copy.


Nope, I still only have the old empty one that I renamed. :frowning:

No worries, I just sent you a fresh copy and confirmed that it’s available to you in the app! Do you see it on your Dashboard?


That did it! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Great. Happy printing!

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