First sale from a Glowforge?


I took some effort to push the “initiate” button on something that I already had hours of work into but I did and I am happy.

A local commission.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

Very nice.


Nice looking objects, but what are they?


So have you made a custom jig to hold the handles yet?


Yeeeaah buddy! Feels good, eh?! Congrats!


Knife sharpers.


Oh, and have you tried engraving on the slanted part yet? That would be a hard-core test of the variable focus thing…


I don’t think continuously variable focus has been implemented yet has it?




No, variable focus has not been enabled for the Pre-Release users. Never know what the Beta folks are using because of their NDAs.


Awesome Mark! Is that a signature trace?

What a great way to personalize! :grinning:


Very nice!

Took me a moment to recognize the final image as the Bronze Star ribbon (awarded for heroism in battle). The “V” device indicates it was awarded for valor.


That is several views of one knife sharpener.


Yes, yes it is. Text to me and cleaned up.


The magic is not turned on but I’ve accidentally cut into the curve and a few thousands don’t mess anything up.


Not for this one but very soon.


Very nice! Congrats!


First laser embellished sale after a long wait! :sunglasses::+1: