Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017



Last Week’s Highlights:
Highlights - Last Week

Executive Orders

Some Clarifications on the International Shipping Schedule:

Can International Buyers who placed an order before Oct 25, 2015 expect the same shipping date?

Will the Continental US orders ship before the International orders?

Will the forum users with “likes” get their units first?

Do we need to keep the packaging that the Glowforge comes in?

Beta Bonuses

Stampin’ out Boredom

Klever Key Holder

That’s Gonna Leave a Mark…

That’s a Sticky Situation

Castle 1.2

More Gradient Engraves

Bling Box Boogie

Maple Veneer Inlay on Walnut Plywood

Walnut Plywood Blocks (Proofgrade)

Dice (Design Catalog)

Mutsuki Bee

Single Pass Cut through 0.43" Solid Oak Hardwood

D’AwsonCon 2017

Happy Pi Day

More Cube

Go with the Flow


Oculus Reparo Pt. 1

Engraving on Lowe’s Ceramic Tile

First Sale on a Glowforge

Right on Target

Light as a Feather

Completed Planter Basket


Egg-ztra Exciting Eggs!

Forum Fancies

Architectural Follies

IKEA Board Engrave


Spirograph Generator

And folks have had a lot of fun with this one:

Laser Engraved Cube

Old School Model Making

Not Made on a Glowforge

Laser Cut Automation

United States of Wood

Limits Test

Life Size Laser Art

More Cool Cork Coasters

Who Do? VooDoo!

Lego Batman Costumes

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 25th, 2017

Even keeping up with topics I don’t keep up as well as your summary. Thank you @Jules


I think your summations are starting to bring more variety to the forums demonstrating the talents and diversity tastes.

Nice job @Jules :hedgie::squee:


Thank you, thank you…donations are accepted. :wink:


Holy crap! All this happened in a week?! I think weekly highlights are going to be impossible to keep up with, very quickly, in the days to come.


No joke, can you imagine what this going to be like when 10,000 of us have our Glowforges? Dan may have started something epic!


It’s getting close already. :smirk:

When the production units start shipping and people start posting what they make, we’ll have to just link to the category. It’s going to be unfeasible to individually link each project.


Wow, what a weeks it’s been. It’s hard to believe all of these great projects and ideas that have already been shared before a single production unit has been shipped.


That is incredible!
Look how much cool stuff - amazing projects. The highlights reel is full of so many different kinds of things.
I agree with several who already remarked: [quote=“Tom_A, post:5, topic:6559”]
Holy crap! All this happened in a week?!
I am eager to get my own.


I am so utterly delighted by the volume of amazing stuff!


The artists and craftspeople are delighted with their individual efforts, but it was the Glowforge that enabled all of it. That has got to be gratifying!
The preorder pricing Glowforge offered allowed many more like me to participate. Gratitude.

It has only just begun, wait until there are thousands out there! I think we will all be blown away. :sunglasses:


I’m always amazed at all the amazing things I somehow missed! Thank you so much @Jules!


My pleasure! :relaxed: