First trace with Glowgon

17 minutes. Came out okay. Need to find a way to combine an svg for the hole. imageimage


Looks fantastic! (Thought you were going for an escutcheon at first.) :smile:


Most of us have a small library of geometric shapes in SVG format that we can drag in at whim. Lines, circles, boxes in various aspect ratios, etc…


This guy went a little overboard with the idea, but it works…


Another option is to use a compass to draw a circle (if you happen to have one laying around).

I suspect he means in the software. Inkscape has many options and I usually have to hit undo a lot before I find the one that gives the effect I want.

If we are talking about the non virtual world, I can usually lay my hands on a pill bottle, or spice jar much faster, than a compass.

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It was my first trace so I decided to stay with drawing by hand for the whole thing. I still have circle templates from my drafting days as well.

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