First Trace

My friends came over and we tried the trace feature. It was so awesome to be able to let them play with it without the trouble of creating cut files!

I only wish we could have added some basic geometric shapes to the designs in the GUI so the cut lines around the edge would be cleaner.


That’s cool! Glad it turned out well.

You may realize this, but sometimes the obvious gets lost in things. You can upload easily into the GFUI operations space as your scan your primitive vectors. After you have done your scan for the engrave, just upload an SVG of whatever shape you need. It’s another step, but sometimes worth it for getting a good cutout.


To add to what he said, you do it through the Add Artwork button.

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I keep a folder full of PDFs of basic shapes (lines, circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, triangles, teardrops, etc.) that I can just drag into the GFUI to add wherever I need them. Now that you can add vector artwork it’s almost as good as having the shapes built in.


Those turned out very nicely, even without the shapes. :grinning:


Or drag & drop from an explorer window.

Can you do that if you are already in bed view? I didn’t know that!

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Yep :grinning:

When you go back to the catalog view you’ll also find it’s been dropped there for you too (but only the first thing you drag & drop in a session). You can do multiple drag & drops too.


The first picture is wonderful. Your friends are talented drawers :slight_smile: