First Week+ Loving what I've got!

I’ve had my Glowforge for about a week and a half now. Figures it shows up and I get ridiculously busy, but that’s just the way it goes. I’ve spent a lot more time working on designs than actually getting to cut them, so when people say, “work ahead,” it’s really good advice that you should listen to :wink:.

So here are a few things I’ve done that I remembered to take a picture of. One of the very first projects was to make a little plaque for my father-in-law who just got into the cattle business. They came for a visit the day after I received my Glowforge so I whipped this up for them real quick. Loved their reaction to it :blush:

The calf was their first for their new herd. Wish I would of had a better picture of it, just grabbed one off of their Facebook page. No matter what I did (curves, highpass, unsharp mask) I just couldn’t get very good contrast. This was printed on Proofgrade Maple hardwood.

Let’s see, next, I had a couple of pieces of scrap from making a vent for my window that looked remarkably like coasters so I did this to them:

No masking or anything (though in this case, I like the smoke effect). This was on a cheap piece of Luan board from Home Depot. Settings were just a shot in the dark. Our local school is the Brahamas (you are going to see a lot of those from me).

Playing with some other designs for spirit items. I really like the two-color acrylic (this from inventables, purple on white, 1/16") Spent some time playing with setting and zeroing in on this last night. Here are a couple of test cuts:

Once I figured my power and speed out (more or less) I really liked how much detail this material would take, problem is at this size I’m really going to have to take kerf into consideration.

My wife wanted to make some quick and easy presents for two of her co-workers at school, one for a birthday, and the other for finally graduating so she asked me to make these. I used some 1/4" BB ply from inventables. It was a little warped and I didn’t notice so I had to finagle the pieces out where they didn’t cut all the way through. Now I know to test before I move anything! The presents were very well received.

Just a quick cut out, unmasked since we were going to paint them anyway. A couple quick coats of cheap black spray paint and you have a great personalized gift. Man! I love this machine. Have I said that before? :grinning:

Here’s a fun one. My 15 year old had a project for school where he was supposed to draw a poster, instead, he decided to etch it in wood (I think he’s hoping for bonus points)

This one is jus a draft. He was so excited to use the Glowforge that he did this project two weeks early. Yet another “Magical” Glowforge side effect :wink:. This was just that same cheap 1/4" luan board.

I guess last, but not least, here are a couple of ear rings I made up for my wife to wear to my son’s district cross country meet Wednesday. Need to remember to glue them onto their backing this afternoon.

Sorry for the pic quality. Need to find better lighting. These are that same two-color purple and white acrylic (1/16")

I know it’s been a long wait, and very frustrating at times, but I can’t wait till everyone gets to experience this machine. Even with some of the temporary limitations it’s still and incredible tool, and will only get better.


Great stuff!

It’s so much fun, isn’t it?!


I know, I keep trying to find words to describe how much fun, and nothing seems to hit the mark…and I make my living talking :smile:


Very impressive week of work while working full time! Isn’t it funny how the time whizzes by?


That’s a great looking font for the name signs. What did you use? When I get my GF, I plan to make signs with the names of my twins to hang on the nursery wall, and this font has the perfect look for that.

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Love the variety and creativity.

You already removed the masking from inside the letters in that first sign, right? My brain fixates on tiny details. Also, I hope you don’t mind me pointing it out, but on the Sprite thing, “conditional” should probably be capitalized, “contrapositive” is spelled wrong, and “then” is written “the” in the last sentence.

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I’ll have to look up the actual font when I get home. I’m sure it was out of Adobe’s Typekit.

Actually, when my father-in-law took that pic I don’t think he had gone back and weeded out the insides of those letters yet (that was the great part of the gift, I told him the masking was part of the “gift wrapping” and that was his job to take off! :stuck_out_tongue: (pretty sure I won’t be able to use that excuse again at Christmas).

Don’t mind at all :grinning: That’s part of why this one was just a draft. Sadly, my son inherited his spelling skills from his father!


Nice work! Having a laser is even better than I imagined it would be. :sunglasses:


So happy to hear about all your first works with the ‘mahvelous machine’! You have made some really fun things and it’s only the beginning!

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It is all really great! I really liked the wire signs you made and painted black. Those came out great!

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Did you get a chance to look up Font used for Mrs Hastings sign?

Looks like you and your son thought up a new marketing technique for us. :slight_smile: Hope he got the bonus points! You have so much diversity in your first week of projects - can’t wait to see what’s next.


Sorry it took so long, got distracted :smile:

The font is Relation by BV Fonts from Adobe Typekit.


Thanks for the info!

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Can you tell me what font you used for the Mr. and Mrs. signs?

If you are on Adobe CC subscription, you can access for free

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Thanks so much!


After you received your proofgrade materials, how long until they shipped your unit?

You forgot to do a Pathfinder…Unite on that! :laughing: