First, well second Glowforge project

I know all of you have probably made the snap and score box. Thought I would share mine. I was testing out the beta design software so used text and graphics to laser sides

Calling it my superstition box. Icons that represent a few of Italian superstitions (although 17 is their day-I use 13 as I was born on Friday 13). First attempt at posting a photo so it may or may not show.

No problems. I don’t find the beta design software very easy to use but that is me. Could be I was using my iPad but it was hard to group text and group the cut shapes so they wouldn’t move as I was placing. I didn’t see many options for text like curving etc but great to test.

Last. I have a tip that I Posted on ‘everything else’ with another option to remove the small bits of paper masking once project is complete. My original post was a bit confusing with what I was asking. Thanks all!


Nice project, that box is really satisfying to build.

Two major methods are common: duct tape and plastic razors.

Duct tape: About what you think, you stick duct tape to the whole area, then peel it off. if it goes well, the duct tape is stickier than the masking is, and the tape pulls all the masking up at once. Most people swear by Gorilla brand duct tape. It’s pretty great. I like the wider roll, it’s more efficient when pulling larger areas.

Plastic razors: You gently scrape your surface, it lifts tiny bits of masking up. It’s fast and effective.

Both methods have their places, I have both and use them in different situations. If you’re careful with the razors they’ll last for ages, I’ve gone through like 4 since I started and that’s only because I broke a few on 3d printing projects.

As for other tips and tricks, I’d recommend this post:

Particularly the accessories link. All kinds of gems in there.


Thanks. Sorry I wasn’t clear. I have a tip I wanted to share but wasn’t able to post in Tips and Tricks. I scrolled and read a message to post in everything else. I just posted with some photos.

I am sure that the scrape method and duct tape both work but for detail and on the substrate I was using I was afraid I might damage. Take a look at my post there.

Hope it is a useful tip for others. I use it for a lot of projects.

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Ah, you can always edit your original post with the little pencil icon. I did see your other post and that’s a cool idea.

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