First white tile with an awesome twist

Anytime, trial and error figured I’d share

Can you tell us what specific brand of paint you used? Thanks!

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Not sure off the top of my head I can check tomorrow after work it’s out in the shop and I’m headed to bed now lol. But it was just cheap $2 can from Ace hardware store

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Ha! I did a moon, too. (Photo by a friend, used with permission). I painted the tile with black acrylic paint – not as neat and tidy as spray paint, but it was just an experiment to see how it would work.

The stand it’s on is a smaller version of @Janerlea’s design, modified to hold stuff more vertically than its larger counterpart.


THAT’S NO MOON! Oh wait. Yes it is :rofl:


Thank you for posting your technique and settings. They look just amazing!

A part of the mystique of lasered tile it seems to me is that in particular portraits will still be the same thousands of years from now giving a sense of immortality to the person in the portrait not easily available in other media,

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…until someone drops it!

Even broken engraves tile would still show the design just as thousand year old (and more) pot shards do today.

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I know, I was joking! :slight_smile:

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Is that version posted on the thread?? I may need it, for reasons …

OOooohhh… your moon is much prettier! Much sharper.

I bet you started with a better source image and would love to know the details to get from source to that level of tile sharpness!!

BTW: I’ve had good luck coating tiles with Mod Podge. Takes a while to fully cure, but seems to work very well. I don’t know how well it’d work w/the paint-then-laser tiles and there is some risk that it’ll take the paint off if you don’t apply it just so!

This is my source image.

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This is the kind I used called now spray paint but any kinda should work


I went a little more in detail on this post here as well: My tile trick ramping up the testing of what it can do

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I’m happy to add it to the free designs section, if that’s okay with you!

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Honestly the original was just awesome. I don’t remember doing anything other than inverting the image!


So is the idea that the laser vaporizes the black paint away leaving behind the image that you want? How resilient is the resulting finished product? Does the paint scrape off? I was thinking of using this technique to make some custom coasters.

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Thats the idea, I sprayed one down with shellac but it left a ring on it once i put a drink on top, not sure if it will do this with no clear coat or not, didn’t try that. I just doing it as an art piece for the other two I did and didn’t want to ruin them.

Got my replacement gf today and finally got to etch my painted tile. Using great artwork makes a big difference. This is for my personal use and a test of my settings.


Looks great! :grinning: