First white tile with an awesome twist

Hey guys thought I would share another cool tip. I decided to take the plunge on the clear white tiles you see everyone engraving on then using sharpie, but I decided to see how detailed of an image I could get on with less manual coloring (with Spray Paint). I will be making and tuning this trick and settings on my page as they are made, feel free to follow there if you want to stay up to date with it, I don’t want to flood the forums with the same things over and over, just try to share some of my more successful projects and test on here.

Step 1: I took laser safe black spray paint and sprayed the whole white tile black. Let it dry.

Step 2: Crop your image to size of tile then make your image as two toned as possible get rid of all shadows that you can and all grays as possible and make it completely black and white as possible.

Step 3: Invert the image.

Step 4: make a square cut around the image to create a jig out of any material you want, I use card board. If you need help with jigs check out my write up here:

Step 5: pull out the square jig, pull tile in place and change height settings, engrave the image and boom turns out like this…

Here is the original image:

I hope this helps others, this would be awesome gifts or sellers.


I have got to give this technique a try. Thank You for sharing.


No problem forgot to say settings are 800 speed, full power, vary power, 340 lines


Great idea! I’ll definitely try this!

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But, paint takes so long to dry. :mask:
I guess I could paint a batch and have them waiting. Thanks for posting.


Does it need to dry ?

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Yea it need to dry first sorry forgot to put that

yea for 17 cents each you can paint a bunch to dry.

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Excellent detail that way…great tip! :grinning:

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When I do have something to print, I will be ready now.


what did the BW image look like? that may be more instructive to those who haven’t mastered the art of converting an image for engraving successfully yet.

love the technique.


Fantastic work!!

I used a similar technique when making a moon tile, only used black acrylic paint instead of a spray paint. This was a total hack with little fine tuning. You can see a hint of gray scale. I think if either of us were to really dial in the settings, we could get some really fine looking gradients! In theory, you might even be able to get some even more interesting gradients with multiple layers of different color paints? Maybe. Sounds a bit fiddly and luck of the draw.

Right now, I’m experimenting with different sealing techniques before I get back to more B&W imagery. :slight_smile:


IMG_20180612_203556 here’s the black and white then just invert it.


Lovely, does it etch the tile glaze or just the paint?

Etches it slightly, but if you check out my page I just posted another set, I spray it with a clear coat of shellac and that seals it and seems like it even shades a bit. Oh wait here you go…



Oh. My. Gosh. This is amazing! Now I’m glad I didn’t order any of those laser tiles that everbody’s been getting. No need! Can’t wait to try this. Thanks so much!


Very nice work!! How long did it take you to laser the tile (Photo with the lady on the rocks)?

fwiw, i think the laser tile shows more detail and you’ll get more illusion of grey. but this is much better than i expected it to be.


That one took 33 mins 4.25 x 4.25 engrave