My tile trick ramping up the testing of what it can do

Ok first off let me start with this. If you haven’t seen my other post start there for how to start out: First white tile with an awesome twist

Just making this a whole other topic so everyone who clears out the latest doesn’t get left out.

So let me start out with the photo edits:
The original from my vacation:

First edit of that:

Final edit with a random photo of space:

Next up getting it ready for the tile:
First turn your image black and white then open raw camera filter on photoshop and tweak the settings from there, I used these in the photo below for this image.

Hit save, then invert the image, then reopen raw camera filter and crank the blacks all the way once more and the whites about 50% then hit save again, it should end up looking close to this:

Then do all the normal saving as an svg stuff and print it on the tile… and it turns into this lovely art piece…

I will be posting a video of the print to my page: as soon as I’m done with the edit of it if your interested in seeing that as well.


Nice write up. Excellent project. :sunglasses:

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Thank you!

That would make a cool cover on a Sci-fi mag. :sunglasses::+1:

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Whooooeeee, I really want to try this! Lovely job.

You never cease to amaze me. Awesome looking.

Looks good. Will have to try this one soon.