Five free designs are about to be posted to our marketing list


I was on the marketing email list prelaunch…that enabled me to get the discount code to place a preorder on the glowforge. Do I need to sign up again or sign up for a different list to get the 5 free designs? Can you just post the 5 designs to my design library along with the other free designs from the launch video?


Seems better to just get the SVG files so you can alter them.


It’s not so much about mimicking the design but learning (when you’re putting the stuff together). They have some neat joinery techniques that make you think about assembly a little bit differently.


I got the email awhile back. The link doesn’t go to any actual designs.


I think since Dan posted it here to give us the opportunity to join the list, that this must be a new list. Otherwise we’d have all been on it already.


Some people (posts up above) seem to have actually gotten a link with designs…

I kinda feel like the last kid getting picked to play on the team. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nope, nothing here.


Likewise. The only thing I can think of is that it’s part of some staged marketing thing so they can gauge response. Frustrating.


Ah, ok. I missed that somehow.


Hello! I signed up for the email list last week. Any chance I could get the SVGs?



If they have been posted I did not receive them. So you shoudl be in the clear






@dan, care to weigh in and relieve our anxiety?



I’ve signed up a few times… in case the first two didn’t take.
Still nothing.


SIGH… Still waiting :roll_eyes:




Anyone received anything lately?


Nope. I’d like to, though.