Five Million and Six New Things About Your Referrals

This might be August, but this isn’t the regular August monthly update. I’m here because we have half a dozen awesome things to share with you, and frankly I am too impatient to wait for our regularly scheduled program.

First: I get to share with you six! (6!) (VI!) new and amazing updates to the Glowforge Referral program.

And: I get to announce that we’ve now given away FIVE MILLION DOLLARS ($5,000,000) ($M̄M̄M̄M̄M̄) to Glowforge owners just like you who have done nothing more than share their referral link with their friends.

But before I talk about those six things, let me go all the way back to the beginning.

When we first launched Glowforge more than half a decade ago, we knew it would take an entire community to make this dream happen. And at the time, our “community” was mostly made up of the folks in Dan’s contacts folder who politely agreed to be on his harebrained laser email list.

But that small start made us who we are today. And to say thank you to the people who helped bring us to life, we created a way reward our community for helping us grow. Now, years later, that program is not only alive and well - it’s a core part of our company’s DNA.

That’s because we have a philosophy: whenever we can, we want to spend our dollars on Glowforge owners instead of ads. That’s why we’ve sent enough dollars to Glowforge owners to buy a Caribbean island.

So that brings us to today.

Our referral program has always been about balance. Something both for you, and for the wonderful folks you introduce to Glowforge. And so today, we’ve got three pieces of good news for you, and three pieces of good news for people that you share your referral link with.

First, your good news.

Number One (1) (I): Moving forward, you’ll get your money two weeks faster. We’ve changed our back-end processes, so now we’ll send referral credits after 45 days (down from 60).

Number Two (2) (II): Basic is back in the referral program! But it’s not just back. It’s bigger. Instead of the old $100, you’ll now receive a $125 cash reward or $150 credit for every Basic purchased with your referral link! Of course, you’ll continue to receive $250 cash for Plus and $500 cash for Pro referrals, too.

and Number Three (3) (III): Something completely new: you get a 40% off Proofgrade coupon when your friends buy a Plus or Pro using your referral link! Need something that’s not on sale? Well it’s on sale for you! This is a huge opportunity to get up to $600 of Proofgrade material at a massive discount. Now, the coupon can’t be combined with other discounts or sales. But this is a limited time offer: it only applies to referrals that are purchased within the next 30 days.

Now, good news for your friends.

That’s right - I’ve got three more terrific updates for your friends who might be deciding to buy a Glowforge, and can use your referral link to do it.

Number Four (4) (IV): Pro and Plus are shipping fast. Okay, this isn’t totally new, but it’s still pretty fresh. The long waits are over – if your friends order their Glowforge Pro today, they’ll get it in 7 days or less. Their Plus will arrive in 10 days.

Number Five (5) (V): Referral discounts on Basic are back too… and they’re better than before, as well. Your friends will get a $125 discount off Basic when they purchase using your referral link.

Number Six (6) (VI): That Proofgrade coupon? Your friends will get one, too! If your friend decides to buy a Plus or Pro using your referral link, you’ll unlock a 40% off Proofgrade coupon for them, too.

So, don’t be surprised when your friends start asking you about that special Glowforge link of yours.

And you can find your referral link here.

Share it to give your friends the absolute best price on a Glowforge available anywhere, and get some of that sweet island money for yourself.

For all the nuts and bolts of the referral program, head on over to the Referral Terms & Conditions. (I don’t like legalease so it’s the least lawyer-speak a legal doc can possibly be).

So much has changed about Glowforge since we started. The one thing that’s stayed the same is that we are where we are because of you, our community. I hope you’re as excited to hear these updates as I am to get to share them.


PS: You can discuss Caribbean islands, Proofgrade coupons, and more at the discussion link here.