FIXED: Glowforge not centered correctly or finding QR code / art

I haven’t used my glowforge in a little over a month as I decided to leave it at my workplace. No one has touched it, moved it, etc.

Today I turned it on and it’s not centering correctly, not finding the QR code for the proofgrade materials and my artwork is not showing up in screen. See attached image.!

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 1.06.15 PM|690x398

Update: I reset my router, cleaned all checkpoints and rebooted and is now centering but still isn’t finding QR code or showing artwork.

However, I opened a previous file and used a different proofgrade material it worked perfectly.

This is a new file since the new trial stuff and it tried to walk me thru those features as I was trying to get my job started / interrupted the rendering to do that, so I’m wondering if that is the problem?

I deleted the artwork and re-uploaded and it’s still not showing up on the screen or recognizing the QR code.

Update: it had nothing to do with the glowforge, I somehow accidentally set the document size on my file at 42 inches tall so I think it was like, what exactly do you expect me to do with this??



Good job working through it. You have learned something from it.

I’m so sorry to hear you hit a snag. Thank you for letting us know you were able resolve this without us. That’s great news!

I’m going to close this thread. Please start a new one or reach out at if you run into any more trouble. We’ll be happy to take a look.