Flabbergasted! First night with my forge!



If I could get what is in my brain to flow from my fingertips I’d be all that and a bag of chips. but alas, the wiring isn’t there. LOL



Ha everyone can draw, its just the way you see things. I still think Picasso couldn’t draw, and look what he did!!


So been reading so much on here and with such an amount of posts, I think you said somewhere that you put all you cut lines in by hand? Was that yours and if so, do you just pen tool around the object in illustrator or is there some easier way to achieve that? I ve been trying all the paths> options in illustrator but they blow out all the paths and make things screwy.


Illustrator has a really lousy Auto-trace (Live Trace) in my opinion, so yes I do do an awful lot of manual tracing. (That takes a lot of practice and a plugin or two to make it feasible.)

There is an easier way to get just one outline though if you have Photoshop too. The tutorial is below:

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ha I know all about that trace feature, I draw most things by hand plus I’m using cs5 so my illustrator is quite old. Thanks for the link ill try playing around more when I’m home. thought I could one shop all my needs in illustrator.


oh wonderfully yes, been looking for that now for a couple of days…many many thanks!!


Great projects. Be prepared to lose a LOT of sleep.


ha already did and had to be at my café at 630 this morning smelling like a camp fire…whooohooho

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That’s the way to do it.


The real question now is napp or forge!!! Both sound wonderful!!


Forge, of course. Sleep when your dead.


Sounds like we just came up with the next glowforge shirts right there!! @dan


we just moved to a new house on Monday. Beamer gets Xferred tonight. Beamer doesn’t get hooked back up until house #1 gets listed for sale. :frowning:


That is certainly incentive to get it listed.

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I had a similar question about adding a precise cut line and if CS5 has Shape Builder, check this out:

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I have had amazing results with Inkscape I was using Corel before but last computer died and I still have not reloaded it. Corel has a major trace function and some of the options could be major cool , but for simple trace functions I think Inkscape has the better system. Augment it with gimp and you have still better.

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I just looked at an online tutorial about that for Inkscape. I can’t remember all of it right now, but they talked about Path/ +Inset, +Outset, and +Dynamic Offset. I used it to create outlines of some text.

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If it’s bothering you (or causing your alignment to be off), you may want to check whether all the corners of the machine are level. In my case, propping up the front right corner made a big difference to how the lid closed.


No alignment issues…pretty spot on actually and did shim it…ha now its just an ocd thing!!


Wonderful creations! And this is just day 1… :slight_smile: