Flair for your preorder number on the forums?

I was just thinking that in a couple days we’ll likely hear how many people ended up pre-ordering and maybe the breakdown between Basic/Pro. I was also thinking it would be cool if us pre-orderers could have some flair on our profiles here in the forums with our backer number, or at least “Day 1 backer!” “Day 2 backer!” “Week 1 backer!” etc. since there are now probably at least 4,000 of us :smile:

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I have all the data, although pulling it into discourse might be an adventure. Consider it considered…

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Would you say you have…detailed files?



In the spirit of your idea - I changed my gravatar - Pro, Day2.

VMMV, but I’d much rather the effort be put in to moving forward with development and production. As you demonstrated, it’s pretty easy to self-identify… :wink:

Ha! If anyone does it, it’ll be the contractors who manage the website, not the core engineering team.