Flame after cleaning

I cleaned my machine. The air assist fan was filthy, I follow all instructions. It IS turning and working properly but now when cutting my acrylic (same acrylic I have used for 1 year) there is a flame?

I have NEVER encountered a flame before can someone help

I can’t see the video, but sometimes the air assist fan gets put back on backwards and flames result. When cutting, is the smoke being blown toward the front of the machine?


Fan is probably backwards

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thank you for the comment. The flames are increasing in size and kind of scaring me. I cleaned the fan and this has never happened before. The fan was filthy, after cleaning the flames started. The fan is working though. perhaps I put it on backwards? I will check.

thank you, below I added a photo of how my fan is on the unit is that correctly facing?

That looks ok. What about the fan housing? Is the smoke blowing toward the front of the machine?

I believe the piece on the back was facing the incorrect way. Thank you everyone for the help! no more flame!!! I watched 20-30 videos and realized, I did everything correctly, but putting it back together, the fan housing was upside down. thanks again


The fan is clearly not working, If doing acrylic that is very dangerous s acrylic will go up in flame very easily. I would test it on a scrap piece of wood and watch what happens to the smoke. If the smoke rushes straight to the front it is working correctly at that location. If you have the fan in a magnetic field the results will be similar.

Glad you got it going again. I’m sorry that I hadn’t responded to your reply to me, but I was away for a few hours.

no worries thank you so much! I googled your response earlier and found out a video that helped because of your reply! So thank you so much!

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