Flame when cutting

Anyone have a suggestion on why all of a sudden I am getting a flame here and there while cutting. never had it happen before. I cleaned all the lens with wipes and that didn’t help. double checked the lens on the bottom, it was in correct, bowl side up. lots more smoke cutting draft board too. all was going great. I did clean the machine and the fan like usual. the flame is happening more with the medium acrylic.
Thanks for any help, really don’t like that flame

Are you using the same exact materials and masking and everything that you have used before? Has anything changed?

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yes, same material all week, I noticed last night it was really smoking inside and I saw some smoke coming from the lid. so I cleaned the machine cause it was time, was trying to push a few more cuts before bed. Ran fine today no smoke coming from lid and then just a few cuts ago, some pieces were not cutting all the way through, and then the flame here and there, so I cleaned the lenses again and double checked I didn’t put the one on the bottom in wrong. It seems to be moving a touch slower

I just did a cut on acrylic, cut through fine but flame off and on. and not a tiny flame. It was hitting the bottom of the lens holder.

That definitely sounds concerning. I’ve been seeing several people on Facebook talking about having a similar issue but I can’t really figure out why it’s happening. I haven’t had any issue like that.

My only thoughts were:

  1. What material are they using? What masking was used? Is the material and the masking and anything else on the material all laser-safe?
  2. Did they clean the entire machine? (fans, lenses, all that) How did they clean it? What did they use to clean it? Did they spray anything inside the machine or did they spray the cloth they used and then wiped things down?
  3. Is there something wrong with the ventilation path - something blocking airflow or something?

I have gotten curious. I hope your issue gets resolved quickly. That sounds scary!

This generally indicates an obstruction in air flow. Did you disconnect the exhaust hose from the back and check the exhaust fan grate?

It could be further downstream as well but hard to say without knowing your actual exhaust set up. Some people use caps over the outlet and those can get clogged up. Some people have had bird nests. And so on.

Have you cleaned the air assist fan? If smoke is getting to the point where it’s building up in the machine, it’s very possible the air assist fan is not running at full efficiency.


I’ve used the machine for two years, been cleaning it and using the same products. So really odd, hope I can figure out what I might have done. or not done LOL I don’t spray anything in the machine, I spray a paper towel with simple green and wipe it down. and use Zeiss lens wipes on the camera and lenses. Some guy put a good youtube video up a while back, been doing it his way.


Yeah - I didn’t think you had done any of those things, sorry I’m tired and I meant to say that it sounded like you did everything fine.
I’m just curious why several people seem to be having an issue! So weird.
Like @jbmanning5 mentioned, I’d probably start by examining the whole path that the airflow takes. :slight_smile:

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If the flame is rising high and not being blown forward toward the door then the air assist fan either needs cleaning or has failed. You need to inspect it for blockage and if it is operating.


I’m so sorry to hear this is happening! I just sent you a follow-up email with some next steps. Please let me know here if you didn’t receive it.

When the smoke turns to flames it will not cut as deep.


I have been away for the week, I have not checked the suggestion you made. I will do that this weekend.

Thank you and I will keep in touch


Thank you for the update. Since we are going to be working on this through email next, I’m going to close this post.

Please send us the information whenever works best for you, this weekend would be totally fine.