Flammarion Engraving Cutting Board

I’ve been using an 80w Rabbit laser (and it’s simply awful software!) at my local makerspace. My current strategy is to use hi-res 2-color bitmaps, matching the resolution in DPI (dots per inch) to that of the laser. In my case, the Rabbit says it’s good for 800 dpi, but 500-600 is much more realistic. Here’s an example I engraved at 300 dpi:

This image illustrates one of my biggest reasons for purchasing a GF. Notice that the image is aligned along the left side of the bamboo instead of centered. Despite my best efforts to calculate the center (and using the Rabbit’s boundary preview red laser) the actual cut was offset. I am eagerly awaiting my GF, so that I can have a live preview for alignment!

Btw, the scale is a bit hard to determine, but this is a $5 bamboo cutting board about 5x7 inches.

Here’s a link that includes the file I used as my source:


I have that same issue at my Maker Space. No matter how hard I try and measure everything out, I’m never centered when I’m done.

A month before I ordered the forge I installed bamboo floors in my kitchen, wet bar and rear slider entry. Had all of this scrap that I tossed…
Very cool example!
Just a note about engraved cutting boards, the texture will harbor bacteria so an aesthetic application would be best, where the board is on display as opposed to used in the kitchen.

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Good point, which has been well covered in the topic linked to my original post - How deep can it cut, not only engrave, wood?


Odd side note, here is a book of really great new and original children’s poetry from Manchester! (They used that same image as the cover) http://www.mcbf.org.uk/books