Flammarion Cutting Board Redux



Back in the Dark Ages of the forum, I posted a photo of a bamboo cutting board I made on an 80W Rabbit laser: Flammarion Engraving Cutting Board

Here’s its big big sister fresh from the Glowforge:

The original JPEG was 300 dpi, this was engraved on bamboo at 1/150/225.

It was unmasked and I haven’t cleaned it yet. The smaller one is ~2 years old and has been through the dishwasher multiple times and freshened with mineral oil occasionally.

No, I don’t cut foods on the engraved side, but I do serve drinks on it from time to time.

UPDATE: Here it is after scrubbing with a little Fast Orange… Smells better, too!

Inexpensive bamboo cutting boards
YACB (Yet Another Cutting Board)
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 27th, 2017

Yah….that’s nice! :sunglasses::+1:


Ohhhhhhh, wonderful!

I was in Aldi’s today and they are selling some very nice Acacia cutting boards with no engraving on them in several sizes, for $10 each. Hmmmmmm…


Wow. Spectacular


So cool!! Was the original black as well, till it wore down to brown over time / throughwashing?


Very nice! How long was the engrave?


whispers “it’s…so…beautiful”


It was dark brown and has lightened over time. I’ll scrub the new one and post and update when it’s dry.


45 minutes. The little one was 35 on the Rabbit, so I’m not worried about speed.


I don’t know if its the age or the laser on the old one, but the detail on the one done on the GF is astounding!!


Thanks, just planning out some future work. I was expecting an hour so all good.


Good point – As I recall, the older one was engraved at 300 dpi (SIC, the rabbit driver used dpi instead of lpi), but the GF image is definitely sharper all around.


Wow, LOVE it! As far as images go, this has always been one of my favorites explaining the celestial spheres. I also love the greater detail that can be seen in the bigger image made on the glowforge. :smiley: Thanks for sharing!

Edit: What is this “Fast Orange” you speak of?


It’s a citrus based, pumice containing hand cleaner (more like a lotion than a soap). GoJo makes it and it’s available in big box stores, Amazon, etc in the US.

The pumice is a very fine abrasive so it makes for a nice non-destructive cleaner for laser engraves. The citrus component helps clean laser smuck and leaves a pleasant smell.


Thats amazing!!


At any Home Depot they carry it along with their own Zep orange cleaner (same stuff).


Goop is the best citrus hand cleaner for any grease removal


Wow! We don’t do a lot of long, slow, high LPI engravings, so it’s really fun to see them in action.


I am super happy with the results, thanks to you and your team for making this incredible tool!


The detail is amazing! Also, I would probably not put your wooden boards through the dishwasher. I’m surprised the other one has held up so well to doing that.