"flared" Box?

I’m tiptoeing into the realm of tabbed boxes. I’ve checked out the various makers online but haven’t taken the plunge yet. But does anyone know if it’s possible to make a tabbed box where the top edge is wider than the bottom? (Think flower pot.) Not even sure tabs can join at an angle like that. Anyone with knowledge in this area?

Google images for that - there are quite a few ! Using living hinge you can make cone shapes as well. There is a Corel add on called FlexIt from laserJumpStart for that, but is expensive. (for an addon if only a hobbiest)


@william4 shared some work on different shaped boxes with living hinges earlier this year that is pretty nifty.

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You should already have one in your home page for the app - “Snap and Store” box - but it’s not tabbed in the usual sense.