One more living hinge box

This was actually last weekend’s project. It’s another living hinge based box design that is sort of the opposite concept of my last one. This one was made from PG cherry ply and put together with aluminum screw posts. I think the cut pattern on this one could have been a little closer together since it was still rather stiff and took a bit of massaging to get it to bend around 180 degrees. Even still I managed to crack one of the sides a bit putting it together.

Anywho… this will probably be my last living hinge box exploration for now as I think I’ve got a good grasp on it. Next up: things that move…


I so love the shapes you’re exploring…very much “out of the box”. :grinning::+1:


Wow! I think this one is my favorite. It looks so nice in that warm cherry. You are a genius of living hinges!

I am sure you could make living hinges move.

Extraordinary designs, truly inspiring!

I just wasn’t getting the living hinge look until now. These are inspiring.