Flashing Purple Button

I have been trying to get help that doesnt take days. I am so annoyed with the glowforge customer service. This is a livelihood for most of us and you send 1 email reply per day? why? this is absolutely ridiculous. Can i please get some help. My glowforge flashes a purple light for 10 seconds when i turn it on. It will not register the new image in the bed unless i turn it off and on again. Cuts are taking 5 times as long when days ago it wasnt. I have gone through every post on here! Please…help!

Go to support.glowforge.com, log in if you need to, and click on the Chat button in the lower right corner.


Thank you so much for reaching out to us on the community forum post. I hope the information @Jules provided was helpful!

I’m so sorry about the continued trouble you’ve been experiencing with the Purple Button behavior on your unit. After reviewing the details you previously provided, I’ve reached out again via email to work on the next best steps. I’ll keep this thread open for the time being, and make sure we receive your next response.

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I see that you’ve continued to reach out to us via email, and received our response! I’ll close this thread now, and we’ll continue following up there.