Flat-pack holiday tree

This came straight off of Thingiverse. Well, not straight off off - the DXF imported as thousands of tiny segments so I spent some quality time in illustrator lassoing all the paths and joining them together. Here’s my remix for the Glowforge: Laser-cut flat-pack holiday tree for Glowforge by masto - Thingiverse

3mm baltic birch.


Awesome! I’ve had my eye on that design, and look forward to your update!


Oh, BTW… didn’t have 3mm aluminum tube. Turns out a drinking straw is perfect.


I LOVE this! What a fun looking little tree. Thank you.

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And springy enough to entertain the cat!

Like that a lot. :sunglasses:


Very nice. Would look cute with some little squirrel ornaments on it. (For the fall.)


This is a project that I have been considering. I have some of these tiny strings of lights that I want to use. Glad to find out that there is work to be done on the file. :smiley:


Oh that would be so cool on a table full of those wooden trees! Neat idea.


Those are nice…last thing I need is more lights but they come with little batteries…:smile:


Here’s the new file: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2556210

Cutting it now on my YouTube Live channel. Seems to be working.


What’s your YouTube?

chrismasto. Here’s the recording: https://youtu.be/NRYGBXvUPpA

I’m putting less effort each time into camera angles and sound, mostly I want a record if something fails.

Fun! I love flat pack things.

Next Thingiverse object you can save yourself a little time of you have CC - in newer versions of Illustrator you can select all and Join (ctrl/cmd + J), save yourself all that lassoing. Will even work with points that are near each other but not exactly overlapping.

That creates one giant path with stray lines between everything. This file has a lot of objects in it, most of which have other objects inside of them. Pretty much a worst case scenario for selection.


I’ve pushed the cutting plugins these guys have. I promise I don’t get anything from them lol.

They also have a concatenate plug-in that is designed to join paths when using multiple selections. It allows you to specify a few variables to help it not go crazy. I haven’t tried the concatenate plugin, but it might be worth checking out the trial.



Center lit acrylic fronds might look cool.


That is an awesome idea! Do it!

I look at that tree and wonder if the Glowforge could defects enough to just heat something like acrylic just enough to sag and not cut ir engrave. If each layer were done in acrylic and after just heated differentially with each set of branches on a post 1.5 or 2.0 times the distance between them the slump down and the outcomes could look nj

It could be an not 44

I think you’d have a problem with applying the heat in a large enough enough area for long enough to create that kind of slump. Cool idea!

It is often a problem when bending acrylic to have a sharp enough line to have a sharp bend and not heat just each side of the line. This is particularly true if the line is not a straight one. As the temp needed is ~300F that sort of heat would be at the low end and even a precise zigzag would not be a problem.