Floating infinity desk decoration

My girlfriend sent me a pic about a year ago, saying “When you get your Glowforge, you should make something out of this.”

Ok, let’s see. How about something simple:

Nice! But that got me thinking; The leftover pieces can certainly be slotted back together to make the reverse version. Acrylic+cherry vs cherry+acrylic, right? Right.

But hang on. What if … what if I stack them atop each other? No that doesn’t work, the openings just cancel each other out, of course. But … BUT what if there was a gap between the layers? Let’s try that …



I predict some smooches in my future. :wink:


That really worked well, great idea!


That is awesome! Really nice concept! So pretty! Yes, smooches, here they come! Well done!

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Awesome piece–very nicely done!

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Perfect example of how some of the best ideas are not usually what you started with, but what it grows into.

Looks great and I love how it became organic.


Fabulous technique! Can’t wait to try it.

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Did you sandwich a full sized acrylic panel to float the other pieces?

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Loved hearing your mind work through this one! Stunning turnout!

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Yup! Definitely smooch worthy! Love the technique! :grinning:

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Now, my favorite question when it comes to acrylic…can you light it? Ooooo.

But, then again, maybe not. Your cheeks might be all smooch-chapped by now!


Really cool project. Nicely done.

In the event your prediction failed to materialize, here are some…:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing::kissing::kissing:

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Very cool result! As @brokendrum mentioned, some of my favorite results are from the design evolution during the process. Results that often exceed the inspiration. An emergent design! :sunglasses:

Nope, the backing plate and the main floating pane are not “connected.” Without that full sheet of acrylic, there is the added risk of pieces being pushed out and dropping inside.

So from the back to the front: there’s the main backplate, then a 1/4" wide spacer ring, then a 1/8" wide ring with the acrylic nestled inside of it, then another 1/4" wide front face ring. So there are two of the bottom-left pieces shown below.

For a good fit, I ended up making two almost-complete sets of parts, one set 0.010" larger than the other to account for the kerf. All pieces press into the back of the others and wedge in pretty tightly.


Would be fun to put a partial (see-through ) mirror in front and a solid mirror behind so there would be an infinity of infinities? :slight_smile:


A full mirror on the back plate could be cool, leaving the front plate just clear. There’d be no more light coming in from behind (bad) but possibly more light bouncing around inside (good).


REALLY nice. Experimentation pays off!! Thank you for sharing.

Your progression is wonderful. The final iteration has so much depth!

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oh it’s elegant!!

So Pretty!!!