Flock around the clock

While waiting for my GF to arrive, I’m trying to hone some skills that I’ll want to use with GF’d projects. One of those skills is flocking - applying a velvety coating to the inside of boxes. Here is my first (not-garbage) flocked item, a simple ring-bowl covered in polymer clay. The bowl itself was just a little pyrex dish. To get the flock to stick and look ok on the inside of the bowl, I discovered (after trying quite a few things) that painting the glass with a couple of layers of black acrylic really helped the flock stick and prevent any glass showing through. Adhering the flock to wood will probably be simpler.

here’s a link to the flock shop: https://www.flockit.com/index.php/products/suede-tex/mini-flocker-kits/rayon-mini-flocker-kit-flock-fibers.html


It’s a great way to give a professional finish. I’ve tried to use velvet-like paper on the inside of a wooden box, but the corners always looked awful.


What a clever idea to stick the flocking into the paint! (I would have probably tried some kind of spray adhesive, with minimal success.) :grinning:


Wait! Is he flocking over the wet paint?


I thought so? (Seems ingenious to me.)


Pretty flocking Awesome!


No. I painted the glass with black acrylic, gave it 2 coats. After that was dry, I used the adhesive that came with the flock-it kit then used their “mini flocker” to flick the flock onto the sticky stuff. When I tried using just the adhesive on the glass, with no (dry) paint under it, there were see-through gaps. The layers of (dry) paint hide those gaps. That problem was probably specific to glass. I bet using just the adhesive on wood will be fine.

[and, just fyi, I’m a “she” :slight_smile: ]


Try it in the wet paint too? Might be interesting to see what happens…

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Wow, amazing


That’s how it is usually done. Say you have green flocking. Paint the item with green craft paint. Apply the flocking while wet. Let dry and shake out any excess. Perfect results


good to know - the special adhesive/paint stuff that flockit sells is a bit pricey. I’ll try using just the paint to see how that goes (might be cheaper) :relaxed:

Watch this. I buy my stuff from her.


That’s what I thought :grin:

Ups, my bad (I already knew it) :sweat_smile:

thx - good video. I’ll check out her shop.

The one thing I would add: wear a face mask. Confession: I’m like a 4 year old with all craft stuff.:rolling_eyes: I make a mess everywhere, so I try to be really careful - apron, mask, gloves, maybe even eye protection. I’m the person who gets a smidge of paint on my finger, then wipes it on my face, pants, sits on it, tracks it over the whole house. geez.

Those fibers are tiny, so even for the less-messy among us, a face mask is probably a good idea.


no problem. I kinda like not knowing people’s gender in the forum - or anything else. We bond over just forum topic stuff like making things, longing for the GF to arrive, getting excited about what everyone else is making. Nothing else matters, and it’s an escape from all that non-forum-related stuff which has kept me going. nuf sed.


Yeah! :joy:


god I HATE flock… we used to run in on re winders at a old job would have to quarantine the machine’s running it setting up barriers and having dawn full Tyvek suits and respirators


Wonderful bowl and the flocking is a great idea to be more gentle on the contents. Never would have thought of it. Thanks for sharing.

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I think that’s great. Three Cheers for Silliness! may the world get sillier each day . . .


Whenever we have a job that requires flocking there are an endless amount of jokes flying around! its a great word:grin: