Flush Magnet Placement in Draftboard


I have a bunch of 1/8x1/16in Neodymium magnets lying around that I’m planing on using on a number of projects I have in the works. Here is the Amazon page for them, but a ton of places sell them.

I wanted to embed the magnets into :proofgrade: Draftboard. To do that, I needed to find the right settings to get 1/16" depth in my engrave.

I pushed it in with a scrap piece of material, it is flush to the top, and now I can’t get it out again; I think that’s a success. Here are the settings that worked.

Speed: 800
Power: Full
LPI: 340

I made a simple circle in Inkscape that is exactly 0.125" Diameter. Here’s the file if you don’t want to recreate it.


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Awesomesauce! Thanks for the settings.

A word of caution on those tiny magnets. I was using some of them to hold down cardstock for lasering, and lost a few down in the honeycomb. Haven’t been able to retrieve them since.


Oh, i never would have thought of that! Thanks for the warning.


I wrap all my magnets in blue tape with a tail. Except for the serious ones, which get duct tape, Really like the embedding idea.


I made these little guys to help me place the magnets.

I used them to ensure that I had the magnets were facing the correct direction. I didn’t know which was north and south, so I just went with 1 and 2.

I just threw a magnet on one of them, and used it to place it in the corresponding holes. I used #1 for one part, and #2 for the mating part. Worked like a charm. I used a small clamp to help press the magnets in.


You do want to be very careful with those tiny magnets around small children and pets. If swallowed they are strong enough to fasten quite firmly from two places in the gut, and need emergency surgery or cause a very painful death.

For retrieval in honeycomb I would want those flexi retriever gadgets normally used to retrieve tiny parts from places fingers cannot reach. Useful for more than magnets.


Yea, these terrify my around the baby! Which reminds me, I need to take all the Bucky balls down from our chalkboard wall.