Valentines Day Gifts - Heart Magnets

Hi Everyone! I haven’t been as active lately, but I wanted to post this latest project I did.

My daughter’s daycare sent home a list of the kids names in her class, so we could make Valentine’s for them.

A card is too simple when you have a Laser! So, Personalized heart magnets it is!

After some consultation with my wife on designs and review of what I had for material, I decided to use some of the Red MDF I got from Inventables way back when. I started with the green MDF, to test my settings. I found that the Draftboard settings worked very well.

Here is my tiny test Narwhal. (Design is a slightly modified version of this Squeee worthy phone stand -Narwhal)

I took the image I found (image source at the bottom) into GIMP to add the names, then I imported them into Inkscape to organize them and add the cut outline. I tried out some different depths and styles for the heart design. We liked the deeper etched scribbles with the unetched name the best.

After taking some time making and remaking the design for all the names, here is the final product!

I also made some magnets for her teachers as well (image source at the bottom). This was from Proofgrade Maple Hardwood.

The backside, with the tiny embedded magnet. I used the same settings that I found for Draftboard for the Red MDF. (Flush Magnet Placement in Draftboard)

And here is my little Valentine!

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Cute overload! The MDF Valentine’s are cool too! I really like the way you did the names on the scribbled hearts.


Outstanding! Those are some really cool hearts. And your little heartthrob–she is growing up so fast!


Your little sweetheart is adorable! Love all the heart projects!


So cool! Love the scribbles!


Definitely an overload of cuteness with your little Pebbles there. :grinning:


I had no idea that MDF came in colors. Thanks for sharing. Great project, but I’m glad my kids are out of that group where everyone needs to get a Valentine.

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In which I learn about red mdf. scribble to the list

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Inventables has several different colors.


Loving that sweet girl of yours!! Beautiful hearts!