Focus isn't working

I bought a used machine, watched videos of it working etc, had it shipped now the focus isn’t working it is off.

if I want my design on the x and I go to set focus and focus on my x it is engraving to the right and above and about 1/2 an inch away from where I actually want it.

Camera is clean, belts are tight, machine is level

You have to focus on the spot and then line up the artwork. If you place the art first then focus it will throw it off. Hope this helps.


Please share a screenshot that shows where you placed the artwork and where the cut/engrave actually happened.


Also, as it’s been moved, you may want to run the Camera Calibration.

You should only ever need to run that once - unless you physically move your machine, which possibly adjusts the flex on the case :slight_smile:


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