Focus issue not fixed

Sorry to post this again, but my post was closed but still having the same issue

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It was closed because you already had an open ticket via email.

It looks to me like one of the little windows on the bottom of the head is smoked up. That could be interfering with the focus. The lens looks like it might be foggy too, I can’t really tell for sure.

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To be clear - they will come and automatically close this one too because you also sent an email. In the future if you want to do your troubleshooting with forum assistance, only post here, not via email or chat.


Hello! @nelsysanchez03 I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having with the focuser. I just responded to one of the email tickets you had opened. I was able to determine the next steps after carefully reviewing the logs of your Glowforge printer. In this case, we are going to move forward with a printer head replacement. I put all the details in the email for you and look forward to hearing back from you! Also, just a heads up that if a ticket does close on you, you can always reply back and the ticket will open back up :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for reaching out!

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