Focus lens tapping

focus lens tapping. I emailed Glowforge last week never heard anything then again today. I have an order to complete and my focus lens is tapping and stuck on focus. Focus Lens has been tapping since I open my box I didn’t think anything of it now that it is stuck on focusing I was wondering if anyone knew if this was normal since I can’t get a response from the company

The tapping sound is normal - it is the lens moving up and down in the printhead.


do you have any idea why it would be stuck on focus I’ve tried everything from internet to breaking it down and clean the machine

There are various reasons this can happen from wifi interuption to dirty optics. Here is one of many threads regarding this issue which includes what Glowforge support recommends doing: \My replacement machine is now stuck focusing - #2

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I’m sure you’ve turned off the machine, etc. etc. Try changing what you have as material. Sometimes I’ve had issues with getting a focus on certain products.

great minds think alike just tried that :slight_smile:

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Well bummer!

right this machine seems to be costing me more money and time then it’s worth, because I’m losing money every time this happens and it happens a lot I have the pro for the amount of money you pay for them you shouldn’t have to go through all of this (my opinion) and :frowning: customer services sucks.

I already tried this it did not work thanks for posting though :slight_smile:

You would have received an instantaneous auto-response. If you didn’t then either your email didn’t reach them, or their response didn’t reach you. Check your spam folder, and add to your white list. Posting here will let them know that you didn’t get their response, but they will try email since that’s how you first contacted them. They respond with the first substantive post within one business day. There is also a chat function on the support site that works 10am-2pm Pacific every work day.

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I’ve just sent you an email, we’ll continue to work on it there. I’m going to close this post to simplify our communication