Foiled again!

The laser removes the anodized surface. Anodized aluminum comes out beautifully. A search will bring up several posts about it.

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Etched dog tag being used as a dog tag:


A natural model. Good dog.


I’ve been SO busy lately, I wasn’t able to reply until now - my apologies. I see; however, that you had great success in creating a dog tag. It looks awesome.

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Do you need to remove the dog before engraving the tag? :thinking::open_mouth:


Hi all! New here… I did an aluminum belt with foil and it gave me the exact look I was going for with engraving it on the sides and letting the middle stay in tact, but doing it the opposite, with just doing score or cut lines on metal, what power settings do I want? Thanks in advance for the help!

you all talk about it, but ANYONE have settings for us to try???



If you need settings:

Check out #6.

Also try searching for what you need like: “aluminum settings” or “anodized settings”.

It’s all out there, sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing what terms to look for. No need to get all caps lock and multiple question-marky about it… We got you, man :slight_smile:

As always my best advice for anyone getting started is to wade through the forum until you just can’t read any more. You won’t believe how much info is here for the taking.

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Interesting. One of those videos you just can’t stop watching.

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Get ready for lots of pain…


I agree with Evan, Read everything cram it all in, let your brain sort & file it away.
I have the glowforge a week, and have learned more in this single week!


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Great option!
What settings on the GF did you use?

What are all the settings you use? I have the foil, but I can’t seem to get it to work properly.

I have a very old note regarding LaserFoil. 450/5. What have you tried?

I watched the video. It had speed=50, power=10. But, the GF lowest power is 100.
So, I tried that. that seemed to work but it didn’t look as smooth as your picture(GF).
At first, I tried it on the clear green, (with reflected text) but it didn’t seem to work. It seems it works with only ‘scoring’ (i could be wrong but so far, that’s what I experienced.
it looks jiggered around the edges

Here’s a closeup of what I’m seeing.


Glowforge settings are not very similar to other laser settings, so I usually ignore those and test for myself. Basically I think your speed is way to slow. Another post had settings similar to mine so I suggest you up the speed and lower the power. Also, you said the GF lowest power is 100, which is actually a speed setting.

Here is the other post: Preliminary experiments with laser foil


I meant speed = 100, power = 10.

I will experiment with those settings and different material(s).
Thank you.

Yes! the setting:
speed: 450, power=5
Cuts much cleaner. I used green acrylic. Thank you!