Preliminary experiments with laser foil

I’ve done a bit of fiddling with laser foil settings, and thought I’d post… everything was done on medium draftboard, so other substrates might differ, and the laser foil was polished gold so other surfaces might differ. I’ve been looking for the fastest/weakest settings that will cut through the foil.

I ran two basic checks – one with laser foil on the draftboard (so masking removed first), and another where I put the laser foil on top of the regular PG draftboard masking. I did NOT put masking on top of the foil itself.

With masking removed, I can reliably cut through the foil at 450/5.

With masking retained, 300/5 and 450/10 will cut through the foil but NOT the masking. 300/10 and 450/20 will cut through both the foil and the mask.

Miscellaneous other notes: default draftboard cut settings are a bit overkill, and can slightly damage the foil in the vicinity of the cut, so we may want to consider using less power and multiple passes instead. Damage is mainly “downwind” of the air stream. I’ve run out of draftboard for the moment so I can’t do a check, but once I get more I’ll iterate through some cut settings.


Awesome I’ve got some coming! (Tagged with Settings.) :grinning: