FOLDERS - Again. ... three+ years "in the hopper."

Bringing up folders again to the forefront as it’s been a request for about three years now.

It’s not that difficult to do this. From a database perspective it’s another column for each file and a separate table for the list of folder names (so one new table, one column in an existing table). From a UI perspective it’s a grouping of items by that column in the database, one page that runs a query to pull all of the items related to that particular folder ID.

It doesn’t need to be fancy drag and drop, we can choose the folder from a drop down. Just some way to organize our files. It’s been long enough, what is the delay?


This would be SO helpful!

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Probably the hope that people won’t use the area as a storage facility as people who buy now have an automated deletion policy on the account by default.


I didn’t think of that, it’s a good point and could explain why an otherwise “simple” feature has not been implemented. If storage costs were starting to pile up, why encourage people to keep more projects in the GFUI by adding organizational features.


That’s a great idea for a feature - thanks for the suggestion @dfavreau! We haven’t announced anything like that yet, but I’m going to send it to our product team with a note that it came from a customer request.