Folders and organization of projects

I think it’s time to implement folders and other ways to organize items in the GUI.
Maybe some users use their Glowforge to make one-off items, but I know there are many of us that make repeat cuts/engraves of the same items. Having 100’s of projects that have no way to organize and worse yet no way to filter, and can only be seen by scrolling and waiting to load is pretty unacceptable.
While it may be more important for growth to add a “share” button in the mobile app, I think it’s more important for users to have a way to organize projects. Can this get bumped up to the top of the todo list?


This has been an ongoing problem that could be easily solved. With the more complex designs establishing 20 different settings is time consuming and error prone, and is not saved anywhere but in the GFUI so even brutally deleting any that you can still builds up a fair number of files.

Another issue that runs with this is the page that has instructions for some things but is not accessible to the user to put notes like what size material is designed for or hard learned lessons about the design that might be forgotten over time, or even a breakdown of the costs of making that design for figuring the selling price.


Totally agree. (Along with a scroll bar!!!)

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Seconded, or thirded. :smiley:

Fourthed? IS that a thing? :crazy_face:

For me, folders would be much less useful than simply being able to disable auto-save. Folders would be great if I printed the same things over and over; but I don’t, I usually print some variation of a thing. So I upload the file, make a change, print, and now the file is not suitable for my next print any more, so I have to upload it again and start over. The Home page shortcuts are almost totally useless for me.

Just. Let. Me. Choose. When. To. Save. Please. I am a hobbyist trying many things, not manufacturer printing exactly the same things over and over.

That said I do wholeheartedly endorse adding folders for those who would benefit from them.


Lol! I guess I should have checked here before posting, I just had a similar suggestion in the “Everything Else” category. Consider this another vote for adding folders.

I tried to think of reasons why Glowforge hasn’t implemented some sort of file organization and thought perhaps I was in the minority of people who may want to use their Glowforge as a manufacturer printer of similar items over and over again… even considering that many business users may be more likely to offer customization one-off products as opposed to repeating exact replicas… but the more I thought about it the more I thought, doesn’t everyone have the need to have some sort of organization in a file system. What are your thoughts @dan?

You can use the undo even hundreds of times before leaving and thus going back half way or all the way as you choose. Sometimes it crashes if you try to go too fast and then that is where it saves but many times i only want to print part of a layer and move the other parts out of range. After that part is printed I use undo to go back to where the whole thing is printed.

At the very least having all the catalog items in one place and all the tools in another( a test cut ,a horizontal cut, a square, a vertical cut etc) and projects that are repeated like stands and displays that you make or sell at need.

Then there is all the cases where there are a great many layers each with a different setting, and that can be saved only in the GFUI.

That’s a great idea for a feature - thanks for the suggestion! We haven’t announced anything like that yet, but I’m going to send it to our product team with a note that it came from a customer request.

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