Folding dice rolling tower

We saw something like this for sale at a gaming store and I was like, hmmm, I could make one of those on my Glowforge! This is a tower for rolling dice — drop the dice in at the top, they roll out into the base at the bottom. Great for kids who tend to roll their dice off the table :slight_smile:

The wooden base is two sheets of 3mm proofgrade maple plywood and the upper section is 6mm acrylic. The DnD logo is etched on the front and there are some dragon runes on the tower as well. A couple of screws mount the base to the tower so it can fold up!

If anyone wants my design files let me know and I’m happy to post them here!


Nicely executed, I like the acrylic. What’s the point of having awesome dice sets if you don’t get to see them roll, right?

There are a number of other dice tower (and D&D-related) projects here, you might like them:

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Apologies for the rabbit hole!

(ok not really sorry, I love a good D&D project :slight_smile:
Exhibit A:


(also, are those labradorite dice? They’re awesome!)

I bought my nephew a D100 since he’s really in to D&D. The die is about the size of a golf ball, it doesn’t fit through any of the rolling towers…

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They also take forever to stop rolling!

I like the combination of material.