Follow up video

So I made this video: Endless business card the other day and in that video the metal (aluminum) card in it was in its prototype stage and I said I’d do a follow up video with anti metal tags to see if or how they worked. Here is the follow up video and new issues I ran into along the way.

Hopefully between the three total videos I made on these nfc cards it helps answer everyone’s questions on them.


Will the anti-metal tags work if you sandwich them between 2 anodized aluminum cards? Gives you a thicker, less flimsy finished product. Just didn’t know if they would work with metal on the non-“silvery” side.

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I’m pretty sure it won’t but I’ll test it tomorrow to see. I think it’s just a standard nfc tag on the non silver side I showed.

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Yeah it’s not working for me between the two.


Thanks. I’ll research some more and see if there is a way I can “seal” the other side.

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I think I might go with anodized aluminum on one side and veneer on the other. Will it read no matter which side is up? Or is the metal side “blocked” and it will only read from the wooden side?

I think it would only read from the veneer side

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