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I am working on a project for my nephew. He is retiring from the Army after 22 years of service. I seem to be having a hard time finding a font that is similar to the arial 12, or any font used by the Army / military. Unfortunately, I cannot find any of the fonts in glowforge that are suggested when I google it.
Can anyone possibly help me find something similar. I am not that confident in using illustrator and just want to make this look good for him. thank you

Arial is a very common font that is readily available. You can type the information you wish outside of the Glowforge interface and bypass all of the Glowforge fonts. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you may be available to type the information in Word, save as a pdf and upload to the Glowforge quite easily.


Try Lato or Open Sans.


The Army publishes official guidelines for internal communication, otherwise there is no one font used across all public-facing information such as that found on the web, although in-general they are mostly a sans serif as they are just more readable than fancy serif fonts. This applies to more than just the US Army.


  1. The font used on the first line of the letterhead/memorandum stationery (titled Department of the Army) is 10 point bold, sans serif (i.e., Arial or Helvetica); organization, memorandum, and address lines are 8 point bold, sans serif; the Reply to Attention of (optional) is 6 point bold, san serif; and the body text is 12 point, san serif (i.e., Arial or Helvetica). The date requirement has been deleted to allow proper placement depending on the correspondence.

thank you eflyguy. I did read this while doing research. My issue was trying to find something on glowforge that matched or is pretty close it.

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thank you. I will try these.

thank you. I appreciate the help.
I was just hoping to find something similar on glowforge without having to go through the outside steps.

I don’t have premium but Arimo is a google font (which most premium fonts are) and Arimo was designed as a free Arial or Helvetica replacement.

Roboto and Questrial also very close.


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