For Sale - Glowforge Pro (lightly used) - Tallahassee, Florida

For Sale -

I’m selling my Glowforge Pro as I rarely use it. I purchased the unit in January 2019. I’m not sure how to describe how much I used it but I would say it has very light usage. I was going to list it on Ebay for $4500 but $500 of the sale would go toward the ebay fees so I’m thinking I can split the difference if it sold here. If there is a way to post the actual hours used on the machine I will share that here… not sure if it is possible. I will also share the serial number with a serious buyer. Asking $4250. I’m in Tallahassee, Florida if you would like to save shipping and pickup in person. I still have the original shipping box so I can use that if shipping (at actual cost) is required.

Thank you in advance.

There’s no problem with posting about used units here, but a customer emailed me because this post looks the same as this one, and they found that suspicious.

It’s always good to remind folks about the best practices and risks around buying a used Glowforge printer, so I’ll link this here.

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Dan -

I agree that the other posting of a glowforge for sale is very close to the post that I made in regards to selling my unit. In fact, if I didn’t type the description out myself I would have thought it was my ad as well. It is just a coincidence however, as there are a few major descriptive differences.

  1. My Glowforge is a Pro, not a Plus
  2. I am located in Tallahassee, Florida not Chicago, Illinois
  3. I’m asking quite a bit more for my unit (seeing it is a Pro and not a Plus)

Instead of posting a response that seems to negate the validity of my post couldn’t you simply check your records to see that indeed that I purchased a Glowforge Pro and that my account is the same as it has been since purchasing the unit. In fact if you would like me to send a picture of the serial number to verify that this is the unit I’m selling. You could also validate that I have used the machine recently to make a few Christmas ornaments for Christmas gifts and that prior to that I don’t think I used the machine since May or June 2020. If it is possible, since the machine requires using your servers, could you dig up more information about the machines use (hours, prints, etc) since I do want to be totally forthcoming so a potential buyer has this information available to make their decision.

One of the great benefits consumers consider when purchasing a bigger ticket item is it’s resale value. If the quality of the product is worthwhile they usually have a good resale value. From what I can see based on completed sales on ebay (etc) that they do hold a fair amount in value, I just don’t see forking over $500 to eBay for selling it though. I would rather split the difference or? with the new owner.

Thank you,

Steven Gardner

I’m guessing the other post referenced is of more concern because the poster just joined the forum that day and apparently copied your text. Dan added the same disclaimer on both posts but the other one looks more suspect.

I thought only glowforge owners could post in the forum. I guess that was my mistake.

Hey guys! Sorry about the inconvenience I caused. I was in a rush and I just used this post as a template. I didn’t think it was going to cause confusion. Do you have any suggestions on how I should edit my post as I am pretty new to this stuff. I’m a glowforge owner just wasn’t really active on forum.

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