Selling my Glowforge Plus-Lightly used in Chicago, Illinois

For Sale -

I’m selling my Glowforge Plus as I don’t really have time to use it that much. I purchased the unit in October 2020. It has around 50 prints and it is clean and ready for the new owner. I was going to list it on Ebay but wanted to try in the community first. I can also share the serial number if anyone is interested. Asking $3200. I’m in Chicago, Illinois if you would like to save on shipping and pick it up in person. I still have the original shipping box so I can use that if shipping is required.

Thank you in advance.

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Sorry to hear you’re moving on, but fingers crossed you’ll make someone happy!

Thanks! Honestly, I love it. Just don’t really have time to use it as much as I want to!

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There’s no problem with posting about used units here, but a customer emailed me because this post looks the same as this one, and they found that suspicious.

It’s always good to remind folks about the best practices and risks around buying a used Glowforge printer, so I’ll link this here.


Hi Dan, sorry about that! I was in a rush and just used the previous post as a reference. I will try to delete this one and post an original one. Once again, sorry about the inconvenience.


You can click the pencil and edit your original post.


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No worries! Thank you for being a Glowforge owner, and I hope you get to laser again soon. :slight_smile:

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