For Sale: New-in-Box Glowforge Basic

Hi All,

I wanted to bring to the awareness of the community of an opportunity to purchase a new Glowforge Basic without having a lengthy wait.

I ordered 2 Basic units back in October 2015 during the 30-day campaign. Since then, I’ve gotten married; between the new family, work, and life in general, I no longer have the time (or space) for the Glowforges. That being said, I’d like to keep one to toy around with when I have time. This leaves me with an extra machine, hence my post. I’d like for it to go a fellow enthusiasts so I wanted to let this community know about it’s availability.

The unit is currently listed on Ebay here and I am also open to independent, outside offers as long as its a fellow member of this community.

Please let me know if there are any questions.



For your listing, the Basic has a tube rating of 40 watts. The Pro is 45.

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@jason.fuller0 Thanks for the heads up! Oddly enough, I can’t edit the body of the listing but have added it as a note at the bottom of the Ebay listing.

Also, you may want to make clear what we here know about: that the software does not have all those features yet. You’ve copied Glowforge’s marketing, but without the disclaimers they listed when you replied to their golden email.

Also it’s not a printer nor 3D. I know they spin it and spin it, but this is a laser cutter. I doubt you’ll have trouble selling it but by leaving laser cutter off and calling it a printer you are limiting your potential customer base while at the same time potentially attracting people who want a laser printer in the paper sense.


@johnse I really appreciate your bringing the features (or lack thereof) to my attention. Would you mind clarifying what is yet to be available so I can make the disclosure in my listing? Admittedly, I have yet to use the unit I plan to keep and I haven’t kept up with the features/updates to features since I made the order.

@evansd2 Agreed that it’s a laser cutter. That being said, I wanted to use the official name as determined by the Glowforge. I listed it under Computers>3D Printers I didn’t see an option for laser cutters but just found a Specialty Printing>Engraving category that might be more apt. I’ll see if this can be update, if not, at the very least can be re-categorized if it doesn’t sell.

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