So, I started designing a laser-credenza/paper-cart in SketchUp…
…then i got a couple camera extensions…
…then i started humming a tune…
…then Logic X was open all of a sudden…
…then it was all in Premiere getting put together…
…then i couldn’t help playing around with some pre-keyed(green screen) elements, (i.e. fog, bokeh)…
…then there was a rearing horse…
…and a pretentious swedish name…

…but will it stand?


Love it! Beautiful design. I’d buy/build one if I didn’t already have something. Maybe It’ll be my version 2.0.
Love the open slots. I need drawers for the top row though. Calipers, pencils, Masking tape, etc.

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Will it come in a generic flat-pack box, with slightly weird culturally agnostic diagrams for assembly and a really crappy hex-key to turn cam nuts?


Thank you! Yes to drawers! I was thinking of maybe a compartment to run the vent hose through and out the back until i get a filter. Also vertical slots for storing acrylic and heftier stock but that may be second-cabinet-worthy.

Cool design! And the video was certainly interesting, in an out-of-world, atmospheric sort of way.

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I’ve always wanted to build one of these, but they never have them in stock:


Chuckle! The music makes it! :grin:

Well, have you started building this Förfalska yet?

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Looks like standard IKEA instructions to me.


Haha. I love it!

The design is really nice. I hope you don’t mind if I rip off some of the ideas.

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When you assemble your IKEA dog without reading instructions…


Pure awesomeness.

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I have not… … … :sweat:

Soon though.

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And the swirls, and the music. Well done

@pdobrien - I’ve got a couple of techs that could build it just like that, no matter what the drawing says.


Loved watching this.

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Lol. Loved the video.

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