Forge with Friends: 7/31/17 Latest Improvements

Fantastic! I really like this.


Great news! I’ve got a list of eager friends already.


Glowforge is becoming more and more refined with every announcement.


Looks great! :grinning: :+1: (Particularly the Troubleshooting Support area and the Moving/Cleaning instructions.)


I appreciate that fine grained permissions management is a slippery slope but “See who else has access to use the printer, and add and remove other users” seems like something that should be reserved for the Owner/Admin.


Soo friends of people who have recived their glowforge get access to the store but not anyone who hasn’t recived theirs yet?

Ok who wants to be friends?


This will be great for the maker space! I’ve been struggling with how to handle that. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
Also, hate to be “that guy” but there’s an omitted “a” in the third paragraph :
“will have access to page”


Yes! And if you have other ideas for how to make Glowforge units awesome for maker spaces, by all means start a thread on the topic.

You know we love feedback - thank you! Fixed it.

Thank you for the feedback! We’re starting with an “everyone does everything” model (with a few exceptions) but are open to feedback.


I could foresee wanting a log of jobs that were run by users you grant permission to, maybe even with photos of what was in the bed so in case something happens, you can track it back.


I definitely second some form of admin system.

I feel that a basic user should only to be able to start a print if the machine is free.
And it would be nice with a list of permissions per user to allow access to cancel prints, see bed camera (perhaps default on), etc.
Managing users should definitely only be allowed for admins. Not only to stop users with malicious intent, but also stopping accidental deletions for example.

My forge will probably just be used by me and my family, so permissions per user should be fine. But, I think for makerspaces, it would really be nice if you could have groups.


a.) nice

b.) lol captain kerf :joy: :ok_hand:t2:


Like others have said, not too keen on non-admin users being able to add others behind my back and kill jobs in the queue.

In a school environment, kids can be jerks to other kids. No doubt they’ll be cancelling each other’s in-progress jobs because it’s “funny”. Guest accounts should only be allowed to cancel or delete their own jobs in the queue.



I agree with many here though. Just like typical forum use, having a tiered approach to being able to use the Glowforge would be more ideal. The Owner is like an Systems Administrator with Admin privileges (root privileges), they can see all, and control all. Invited users at least start out as users with limited group accesses (purchase material, see Bed, have their own dashboard, able to push Print on their designs as long as the bed is free). I would imagine that it would be best if ONLY the owner can invite users to have access to their Laser (I can see an issue in makerspaces or businesses, but I think the vast majority will be in more private settings).

As the Owner, I would like to be able to view the history of ALL of the jobs that were run on my machine. If I let my kids use the Glowforge while I’m away at work, I’d like to be able to monitor how many hours the tube has been used, the amount of material that I’ll have to replace, monitor/regulate Laser use if necessary (go outside to play!), etc…


i suspect this is something that will get locked down quick.


Love it but I agree with the others, this seem a bit scary
-Cancel ongoing prints
-See who else has access to use the printer, and add and remove other users

However I suppose it will make owners more selective on who they invite.


This is a great start, though. I received the coveted, “would you like your Glowforge” email last week and was already wondering how to set something like this up. I have two other friends at work who ordered, and it looks like I’ll be the first to get a forge, so it will be “party at my place” time.


Another vote for SysAdmin type control. Along with the ability to let others be SysAdmins. An admin of a makerspace can take the 10 minutes to learn how to do this, or spend lots more time cleaning up the messes because this doesn’t exist.


Just to throw out another wish list item…I’d also appreciate the ability to be able to temporarily restrict a user from being able to print without having to remove access from the machine. It’d be great to be able to give my older kids access and their own account, but only allow them to print when I’m around and can supervise.


I can almost get behind the "everyone does everything* approach, but I also think only the owner’s account should be able to remove guest accounts.

It would be a shame if a sibling deleted their other sibling’s account because they were fighting or something. Canceling a print would be bad too, but at least that would be just a single instance, not something that could wipe out many months/years of work.

Having an un-delete function might alleviate this worry, but, unless Glowforge is indending to store all users’ data forever, it might not be enough.


Awesome update! Already used it!

Not sure how this belongs in Problems and Support though. Seems Announcements or Everything Else might be more appropriate. I think people come here for solutions to their problems, not update information.