I Forged with a Friend (It was incredibly fun)

After the Forge with Friends anouncement I (half)jokingly said:

Well one of my fellow New Mexicans graciously messaged me to see if I wanted to try it out! One email later and I was good to go! No access to the store but I could see the app and was connected to their Glowforge! I was so scared I might screw something up lol.

I enjoyed poking around and playing with the user interface(send a long email to support with improvement suggestions).

Then I noticed that the Glowforge went from offline to ready! “Oh Crap” I thought. I felt like a kid who had been caught playing with his birthday gifts early! I backed out right away and hoped that I hadn’t screwed up a print or anything!

I’m sure they were laughing at me lol. they invited me to stay and see what happens. But I couldn’t see anything… I couldn’t see the bed at all. It was like the Glowforge wasn’t on but when I went to trace it did show the bed!

It turns out that my Google Chrome dark mode extension was messing up the app. No problems after I turned it off!

Then, the true miracle. He offered to have me setup a print! It was very easy, almost too easy. I grabbed a picture of my old unit patch and threw it in with the founders ruler. Adjusted the settings and sent it to the Glowforge. All they had to do was hit the button and it was on it’s way!

NO WAY!!! That is nuts!

I couldn’t contain myself! Did I really just send a print to a Glowforge!?
There it was. My first print, a reality(and 3 hours away). Then what happened? He offered to do another one! I’m telling you I’ll be singing this guys praises for weeks! But I was drawing a blank! Here I was, I waited this long to play with a Glowforge and I couldn’t think of what to do next! All of my design files are at home! Then I got it. My wife is a huge VW fan. Huge! I ran to google search and found an image that looked clean enough. Loaded the pendant file and added artwork. Bam just like that we were ready to go again!
Again all he had to do was press the button and we were off! We kept saying things like.

Still weird to see it do things without my input…

It feels like a video game. Kinda freaks me out that I’m controlling your machine.


I can’t get over how cool this was! What a wonderful opportunity to have.

Who is my new hero? Well @chevalier_jeanpaul of course! Thank you so much for bringing a new fire to my excitement! I can’t wait to get my Pro!!


It’s got to be nice to see the UI before you also have the pressure of actually getting your personal :glowforge: setup. Personally, I was concerned that using my email address as a guest on someone else’s :glowforge: might cause a problem getting that account connected to my :glowforge: when it arrives.

Keep us posted on how your testing goes.


That is just wonderful! Looks like a first, on the forum at least. I’m sure they have tested this a lot in Seattle.


I will say that .png files seem to give a much better engrave than .jpg. Or at least these two did.


I just want to mention that I left the masking on so @soldiercoleman can have the joy of the true reveal when he receives them.

It was a lot of fun and the feature really opens up a lot of possibilities!


I’ll be sure to post pictures when they arrive!


Heh, after I did my founder ruler I was the same and drew a blank of what next not wanting to “waste” my precious supplies ;D


That was kind and generous of you to include @soldiercoleman in the excitement and fun. :slightly_smiling_face:


Man…I love stories like this! I can only imagine the incredible rush you must have felt, being able to access the UI and direct some prints for the first time…even without actually yet having a Glowforge. :slightly_smiling_face:


It was awesome.


That is so cool! That’s awesome that you guys just jumped in and tried it out!


It was kinda scary since they mentioned I could cancel a print. I don’t know how to do that but I don’t want to do it by mistake.


Yeah, that would freak me out!


Bonus cool points to @chevalier_jeanpaul!! :star: And a gold star for sharing his toy!


Look at that…long distance forging! Awesome job guys! :grinning:


JPGs are smaller in size by sacrificing fidelity. PNG files have a higher pixel fidelity than JPG images, so it’s natural they’d be nicer quality.


Cool, good to know for sure


Not to sound vain but my like count isn’t right lol.


Hey @discourse support. You may want to look into the mobile site.

BTW I’m on a Galaxy S7 using chrome.


Remote 'forging! I love it!


So cool to have this. I did a few Google Chrome remote access sessions with a few folks to let them see the GFUI but didn’t do a print. Definitely a plus for the cloud computing side of things. Certainly facilitates sharing