Forum layout question

Does anyone know how to set the forum layout so that replies to posts appear under the post that they are answering, not at the end of the thread? I find this very frustrating, as a lot of replies don’t make much sense until you scroll up to find the original post.


Original Post
Second post
______Reply to second post.
Third post.
______Reply to third post
____________Reply to the reply.
Fourth post.

I know it’s not what you are looking for, but if you click the image of the person being replied to (in this case dan) then the conversation pops up to that post. Then you can click on the numbers in the bottom right to go back to the bottom.

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You can click on a 'replied to" icon and it will show you the thread. From what I know, the forum cannot be changed to tree style replies

mornin’ @rpegg! haha

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Thanks guys. I suppose I’ll have to live with it then! :frowning:

If you select" x reply/replies" in the lower left corner of the post, all replies are opened below it in order


Yes… When teaching some high school kids how to use a (Non-GF) laser, they snuck in some thin Polycarbonate. Yellow smoke and burnt toast.


?? I’m not sure I’m following where this response came from. As matter of fact, I know I’m not…

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How have I not noticed that before?
Thank you :slight_smile:

I seem to have been a confusion donor. My response was to the post in the picture in tbelhumer’s post above, about polycarbonate. Wrong place.

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Easily done! :smile:

I thought you just put something in the thread to add some replies to the original post that wouldn’t appear in the sub threads! Ha. Didn’t notice that you were referring to the quoted post. That’s funny and something I would do.