Forum lockout?


Discourse is pretty responsive on Twitter. They were great when I was having a whole other permissions problem on here (I couldn’t post a poll due to permissions - still can’t - and I was having trouble completing the advanced tutorial without the poll).


Maybe not discussions, but if I’m trying to contact support and I can’t post anything, I’d actually be pretty pissed. It’s actually very frustrating, especially since it makes no sense. You can’t even reply to your own threads.


We brought the Glowforge for my wife, but when finally seeing the full specs she decided it was not for her. I took it over and started in the forum as her because she was the listed owner. When the allowed users to register I had too many post to change so I just get listed as Pauline. We both do not mind this and it works out great for us.


so do we call you paul? george? ringo? :slight_smile:


I go by Bill. To make matters worst my wife and I use different last names, so new people who meet us are even more confused. Then to compound the subject I have a last name that is mostly a first name for most and people are really baffled about what to call me.


Do have to admit…that’s a confusing setup.

Our neighbors first names are Drew and Nancy…so danged hard to not make “Nancy Drew” comments to them, which I’m sure they’ve never heard before. :smile:


Thanks for letting us know about this situation, @Bigjohn. I’ve let the team know you’ve been effected by this restriction and we’re investigating.